5 Reasons Why Your House Needs a Hanging Chandelier!

The word “chandelier” often brings up images of luxury and elegance. It makes you think of warm lighting, ethereal environments, and fine dining — or at least that is the case with most people. It’s also the reason why people shy away from installing light fixtures as grandiose as chandeliers in their living rooms, thinking it would look over the top.

But here’s the thing: nowadays, chandeliers are not just about luxury and riches. Gone are the days when chandeliers were reserved specifically for the elite. Instead, they’re now replaced with lighting fixtures that contain elements of art, creativity, and utility.

So much so that these days, casual-themed chandeliers are all the rage. The industrial mechanics combined with timeless lighting pieces is an interior designing staple. To learn more about the amazing qualities and purpose of a hanging chandelier, keep reading this blog.

Are Chandeliers Good for Lighting?

Yes! Chandeliers are an excellent source of lighting. They work incredibly well, no matter the room’s shape or size. In fact, even the length of the ceiling doesn’t affect their usefulness.

Whether it’s a high-rise or a low-rise ceiling, chandeliers can enhance the atmosphere almost instantly. This is why it is crucial to choose a design that works with the room’s aesthetic so you can highlight the painted walls, furniture, and additional decor – making the space stand out. To get the best results, though, consult a professional craftsman. You’ll end up getting a nuanced recommendation. One that fits your living space perfectly.

What Are The Benefits of a Chandelier?

Besides uplifting the entire atmosphere of the room, there are various benefits of a hanging chandelier. So, if you’re in the midst of renovating your house, you should definitely think about adding a chandelier; just look at all the wonderful reasons mentioned below!

  • Saves a lot of Space!
    If you’re short on floor space, you should try switching to a chandelier instead. It’s time to swap out those old-school standing lamps with a fancier, more updated lighting fixture.
  • Improves Lighting and Mood
    Since chandeliers are hung from the ceiling, the lighting casts a glow from over the top, extending its rays everywhere. Plus, depending on the mood of the room, you can switch out regular bulbs for RGB lighting, making it appear all the more beautiful.
  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal
    The best part about chandeliers is that besides providing lighting, they also boost the appearance of the place thanks to the vast style choices. A room that has no furniture or seems barren can immediately be brought to life just by adding a chandelier to the mix.
  • High Impact Visibility
    This may seem obvious, but a chandelier has multiple access points for lighting. Rather than sticking to a lone lightbulb, upgrade to a lighting fixture that improves visibility and offers high-impact radiance.
  • So Many Options to Choose From
    There are hundreds of chandelier designs to choose from. Whether you want a ballroom classic look or a hipster-style industrial decor, you can get it all. That is why choosing a good supplier and interior decorator is essential.

Time to Turn on The Lights!

If getting a chandelier is something you’ve always dreamed of, now is the best time to turn it into a reality. Contact AMS Designer Floors & Interiors at (281) 780-9990 for more information. We have a wide selection of chandeliers and various hanging light fixtures that are bound to brighten your mood and your walls all in one!

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