Biggest Bathroom Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Renovation projects require time, labor, money and effort so you have to make sure everything goes right. From small tasks like installing light fixtures to considering bigger decisions, there are some common pitfalls that may occur during renovations. We have listed a few common mistakes that homeowners must avoid if planning a bathroom renovation ahead to ensure you pull-off a hassle-free project.

Underestimating A Budget

Setting a budget is the first thing that you need to settle before committing to any bathroom remodeling project. A budget lets you streamline your decisions according to your vision without running into unexpected expenses.

Not Having A Plan

Any bathroom renovation project is a step-by-step procedure from tiling, electrical, accessories, plumbing that goes on in a standard series or order. Planning ahead of time will not leave any blank spots in the execution of your project preventing you from time delays.

Not Adding A Storage Space

A bathroom renovation is a concoction where too many activities from bathing, changing to skincare can occur. Which is why it is important to add the right storage spaces for your toiletries, skincare products or anything of your choice. It is important to take full advantage of your bathroom space as it can hold too many things in one place with smart and functional design. Storage options can include installing hooks, cabinets, shelves and much more.

Skipping Ventilation

Ventilation ensures proper air exchange, transporting unfavorable odors, dust and moisture out of your bathroom quickly while bringing fresh air inside.

Too Many Styling Ideas

Understand your style in the first phases of your renovation project. Envision your bathroom and stick to one idea of how you want it to be. Changing decisions at every given interval can turn into a disaster.

Not Considering Drainage

Your bathroom functionality is as important as how it looks. Considering proper drainage in your bathroom is central to any bathroom renovation project. Standing water can be utterly unhygienic and create mold. Hence, a properly integrated drainage system can save you from future costs and plumbing hassles.

Not Considering Lighting Options

Depending on the different scale of bathroom renovation projects, it is important to consider lighting options that can serve multiple purposes. A single light fixture can be insufficient and tacky. Bathroom light ought to be bright as well as relaxing to create a complete ambience. Some examples are vanity light, pendant lights, shower lighting, sconces, ceiling lights and LED.

Choosing Unsuitable Materials

There are endless options to decorate your bathroom but some have a shorter lifespan. Make sure to invest into practical materials that are easy to maintain, long lasting, and are not reactive to harsh chemicals.

In Conclusion

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