Blinds Or Shades: Choose According To You Space Requirements

Having the right accessories to support your interior includes some of the main decisions made by homeowners. In this blog, we will talk about blinds and shades and how one can make the right choice. Blinds are hard window coverings made with horizontal slats while shades are window coverings made with one piece or two-piece fabric. Both shades and windows serve similar goals – covering your window and reducing light.

How To Decide Between Two Options

In this section, we have provided some core differences between these window treatment options so you can make the right choice!

Privacy and Light Control

Blinds and shades fulfill this purpose in different ways. Blinds have horizontal slats which can be tilted or adjusted for light control. With blinds you have an option for reducing the amount of light by tilting, but not fully. Shades, on the other hand, are made of solid piece fabric so you get either the option of opening or closing. However, if you want some light to pass through – you can choose a light filtering fabric.

Regular Cleaning

Blinds can be wiped off with a furniture polish and soft cloth. However, if shades get dirty, you might want to remove it and give it to a professional dry-cleaning service. You can also use a vacuum, dusting brush, or gently spot clean with warm water. Your choice depends on the use and location of your house or office. If it is a high traffic area or you have pets – blinds are a better choice.


Blinds can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, PVC, aluminum – which are designed to hold wear and tear on an everyday basis. On the contrary, shades can get dirty or age quickly given the type of fabric material and use.


You cannot go wrong with a basic white or cream blind but some interior spaces might want you to opt for a more decorative look. In order to fulfill that, some homeowners go for shades rather than blinds.


If you want the window coverings to stop your room from losing energy, shades can help you with relative insulation. Blinds will not do much to keep out outside temperatures but cellular shades are designed with fabric air pockets that trap air to insulate your windows.


Among the many categories like style, material and areas of installation, the price can’t be determined either expensive or cheap for blinds or shades. Shades can be both cheaper and more expensive than blind given you choose basic roller shade or roman shades with motorized lift. Shades are also available in custom options which makes them a more expensive option than blinds. And because blinds have fewer customizable options, you can achieve a high end look for less


Depending on your service and style, the installation process can vary for both. Your final price will be determined accordingly.

Final Words

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