Brilliant Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Stylish Upgrade

Wanting to achieve a little oomph factor to your bathroom – Here is a list of some bathroom remodel ideas that will encourage and even force you to reconsider your existing space and make a little tweaks as per needed.

In order to free you from an old, shoddy bathroom with chunky walls, plastic fitted mirrors and loosely fit bathtub; we have presented fun, modern, exciting bathroom remodel ideas! Here is your call to say goodbye to an old bathroom and welcome a classy and inviting space for bathing, hot showers and skin care.

We are also here to present easily attainable, cost friendly and smart fixes to more luxurious and chic remodeling ideas that can amp up the space so you can light a candle and dip into the bathtub with your favorite show on!

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Utilizing Space

Utilizing the space correctly is at the core of any remodeling project. Regardless of the area of the project, a good remodeling project should focus on enhancing the space you are given to work on. Utilizing space correctly involves an eye for correct positioning, lighting and placement that bring together a complete bathroom space.

Tiles and Color

Central to any remodeling is the choice of color and tiles that you want to go for – and it is so much fun! Neutral colors are timeless options to create a calming and relaxing aura. Neutral colors also give you a hand to play with colors in niches like toiletry, cabinet and vanity.

While there is a growing inclination over bold and funky designs too, the decision is totally up to your vision and preference.

Faucet And Fitting

Bathroom remodel also majorly depends on the kind of faucets and fittings used. It is the small choices that greatly add to the space integrity.

There is a growing variety of traditional electronic and even digital faucets which means the options are unending and open to personal preference.

Mirror Placement

Mirror selfies are a new cool so you may want to think twice about the mirror shape and correct placement.
Do you want to keep it as a bold statement piece or a subtle camouflaged element? Of these two, a bit of research on bathroom remodel ideas can give you 100% clarity.

In conclusion

A space – whether a kitchen or bathroom or even any for that matter reflects so much about one’s personality. Remodeling can help achieve a distinctive and desired aura and feel to a place.

Some smart and easy tweaks can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary bathroom haven. AMS Designer Floors & Interiors is here to cater to all kinds of bathroom remodeling with topnotch, market competitive and transformative ideas. Dial us at (281) 780-9990 for further service related information.