Things You Wish You Knew Before Remodeling A Bathroom

Feb 15, 202468 Views

Ideas soar in when you are remodeling your bathroom, and you will have to narrow down the list by doing your research. You will encounter many ideas that you can incorporate to elevate your bathroom, but what about the things you should avoid? In this blog, we will talk about things you wish you knew […]

5 Most Popular Kitchen Floorings Ideas In 2023

Jan 30, 2024350 Views

A kitchen is central to any home providing a hub for families coming together – preparing and enjoying meals. When it comes to kitchen renovation, the importance of selecting the right flooring can never not be emphasized. It should be the right color and material to provide both functional and aesthetic value. It is not […]

What is the difference between a bath fitter and a re-bath?

Jan 15, 2024411 Views

When we talk about bathroom remodel, there are two terms that are often used interchangeably without proper context – Bath fitter and re-bath. In this blog, we have attempted to differentiate both these terms, what services they include and their approaches. Both of these provide us with innovative solutions for those who are looking for […]

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Dec 30, 2023519 Views

There is an endless list of variety when it comes to choosing the right light for your residence. While the lighting purpose remains central, we can play around the many possibilities to adorn our home with sources that add to both functional and aesthetic value of the house. From integrated architectural solutions to decorative lamps […]

Brilliant Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Stylish Upgrade

Dec 15, 2023481 Views

Wanting to achieve a little oomph factor to your bathroom – Here is a list of some bathroom remodel ideas that will encourage and even force you to reconsider your existing space and make a little tweaks as per needed. In order to free you from an old, shoddy bathroom with chunky walls, plastic fitted […]

Can You Remodel A High-End Kitchen On A Budget?

Nov 30, 2023760 Views

Kitchen remodeling is always fun. That is, until you’re saving inspo pictures and dreaming of how you want your cozy space to be. But when it comes to the actual remodeling part, things can get a little complicated. While it may look incredibly easy and effortless in those 2-minute repurposing videos, not everything turns out […]