Hardwood Flooring

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floor?

Apr 30, 2024554 Views

Hardwood floors bring elegance and sophistication to any interior. Unlike carpeted or tiled floors, hardwood floors are expected to be cleaned a certain way. Dust, dirt and pet hair can accumulate on your floors leaving them to look dull and slippery. However, with the right tools and knowledge, giving your floors a deep clean is […]

Humidity and Hardwood Flooring: What’s The Connection?

Oct 30, 20231938 Views

Hardwood floors bring an unmatched level of elegance to your house. But despite the rich aesthetic, hardwood has a sensitive side to it, one that often gets influenced by the weather, especially humidity. Be it low humidity causing shrinking and gaps or the issues of high humidity leading to warping and cupping, in this blog, […]

The Flooring Timeline: How Long Does it Take to Replace Hardwood Flooring?

Jul 30, 20231684 Views

There’s something enchanting about classic hardwood flooring. The wooden panels feel like home but, at the same time, reflect luxury and elegance. That is only if you take good care of them, maintaining and polishing the hardwood every now and then. However, over time, the flooring panels can start to bulge, seep in dark spots, […]