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At AMS Floors & Interiors, we distinguish ourselves from other online lighting vendors by eschewing an overwhelming array of lighting brands in favor of a carefully curated selection of brands that align with our values and merit our trust to provide you with the finest in lighting design. Our aim is not only to offer you exceptional products but also to impart insights on the brands and their offerings, as well as a broader knowledge of lighting and decorating trends. We endeavor to make this an enjoyable and informative journey for you.

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Illumination Experts - Chandeliers
Let Us be Your Illumination Experts!

At our store, we offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures to meet any style – modern, traditional, or even transitional. We have earned an outstanding reputation for our unparalleled chandelier installation services in Cypress. Whether you prefer sleek and contemporary designs for your home or something more classic and timeless, we are here to help find the perfect fixture for you.

With our extensive experience and specialized knowledge, we can create innovative lighting solutions for all of your projects. We are well-equipped to provide consultations and recommendations to ensure your needs are met with efficiency.

Light Bulb Specialist
For years we have been serving Cypress and its nearby regions by delivering lighting fixture and solutions that meet the exact requirements of our customers. Allow us to assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition, illuminating your space with the vibrant ambiance that you desire.

Experience the Ultimate Lighting Installation in Cypress with Professionals!

If you’re looking to revamp your home or business, don’t forget that lighting upgrades can make a major impact in the atmosphere. With AMS Floors & Interiors, dimly lit days and late-night events become no challenge with an expertly designed and properly installed illumination system. From entirely new lighting installations in your Cypress property to minor repairs – we’ve got it all covered for you.

Ultimate Lighting Installation
Ultimate Lighting Installation

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We have carefully fine-tuned every aspect of the light selection process from A to Z, making your experience as smooth and effortless as can be. Enjoy our well curated showroom with interactive displays that showcase all of our products in full size.

Our team of experienced lighting specialists is excited to help bring your ideas and vision for the perfect setting alive. With our expansive selection of designer lighting and premier light fixtures in Cypress, you are certain to find a design that compliments any style or décor. With options ranging from classic looks to modern trends in contemporary design, we have something that will inspire you and turn into an atmosphere uniquely tailored just for you. Let us show what’s possible with innovative lighting solutions – get started today!

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Our staff is comprised of extraordinary professionals who recognize the effect their work will have on your home. Don’t just take our word for it – few lighting stores can match the services we provide, when it comes to finding the perfect lighting fixture in Cypress. Stop by or give us a ring at (281) 780-9990 to see for yourself.