Types of Lighting Fixtures

There is an endless list of variety when it comes to choosing the right light for your residence. While the lighting purpose remains central, we can play around the many possibilities to adorn our home with sources that add to both functional and aesthetic value of the house. From integrated architectural solutions to decorative lamps to more traditionally exquisite chandeliers, there are multiple forms of lights to choose from! In this blog, we will list a few types of light fixtures making it easier for our readers to make a decision!


Whether a stunning masterpiece or a subtle source of lighting, a chandelier is suspended from the ceiling to provide for localized lighting, typically in the center of any hall or room. They come in a variety of structures and sizes enhancing the decorative style of the area they have been selected for. They provide for soft and ambient lighting.


Another most commonly found fixture is mounted directly into the ceiling and has a glass or plastic covering that conceals the bulb. It provides for a base for integrating multiple bulbs together in bigger rooms giving a clean look from below. Ceiling fixtures still remain to be the common choice of people today as well.

Wall Sconces

These are often smaller lamp like pieces that are installed in rooms providing for a softer light source depending on the choice of the bulb – white or warm. These are mounted against the wall and direct light both upwards and downwards, also adding to the stylistic touch in the room.

Desk/Table Lamps

Lamps are versatile and portable forms of light sources best suited for side tables and study desks. These can be placed according to personal use. It comes in a wide range of variety and adds a touch of personalization in rooms ranging for kids to adults. Lamps often are used as task lighting or can provide for an ambient form of night light.

Three Lighting Tips for Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen

Whether you are going for a localized light renovation or planning a whole house lighting makeover, here are some tips for you!

  • Living rooms serve multiple purposes and are central spaces for any familial interaction and activities. Hence, it is important to play with layering – using multiple types of lighting fixtures such as ceiling mounted or valance or track lighting depending on the area and location of the light.
  • Kitchens require a sharper and more defining lighting source keeping in mind the kind of activities that are carried out in there. Augmenting the right balance of natural light sources with ceiling and ambient lighting can make It perfect for preparing and gathering for meals.
  • Bathrooms need a more localized form of lighting that casts shadows on the person standing in front of the mirror. Wall mounted fixtures above the mirror and bathtub are some bathroom lighting considerations.

Final Comments

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