What Are The Best Window Treatments for Sliding Windows?

The appropriate location of windows improves sunlight and ventilation in your home. However, if you are also looking for a solution to cover them occasionally? Window treatments are a great solution that can provide flexibility while fulfilling the need for privacy and style.

What is Window Treatment?

Window treatments are also known as window coverings. There are many types of ways you can cover your window keeping your desired aesthetic and choice in mind. Let us briefly discuss the types of window treatments available in the market today!

Types of Window Treatment Options for Sliding Windows

1. Curtains
The first thing that comes to mind when we think about covering bare windows is curtains. They provide privacy while blocking out sunlight. You can use a combination of sheer and thicker materials to navigate between the need for light and privacy at certain times.

2. Panel Blinds
Panel blinds are ideally used to cover siding windows. They are a modern and more sustainable alternative to vertical blinds and curtains. They are also suitable to cover larger areas where they can glide horizontally along a track.

3. Vertical Blinds
They are used to cover sliding doors and tall windows. These are made of PVC which is why you can’t expect them to be highly decorative. Vertical blinds provide the desired privacy and light blocking as per needed.

4. Roman Shades
These are shades but made of fabric. You can also get them in other materials such as bamboo. One thing that distinguishes Roman shades from other types is that they fold up in even pleats when raised. You can raise them partially to allow some light in.

5. Shutters
Shutters are also a type of window treatment. A more decorative and versatile option. They are typically made out of wood. You can tilt or lift them open for a clear view outside. Shutters do not completely block light which is why they are considered the best for living rooms.

6. Valance
A valance is a trimmed piece of cloth that hangs right above the window. It does not serve much of a purpose for privacy or even light. Which is why we recommend you to use it for sprucing up your spaces where there is no such need for privacy.

7. Roller Shades
A roller shade remains a classic window treatment option in homes and offices. It does not add much aesthetic value to your space. However, you can find a variety of materials to choose from including vinyl and fabric. When open, the shades are flat. When you open them, they roll up on the dowel. You can also choose from light filtering to blackout options depending on the need of your space.

How To Choose The Best Window Treatment

There are hundreds of varieties when it comes to choosing the right window treatment. Here is how you can make the right decision.

  • Familiarize yourself with relevant options.
  • Think about the need for privacy and light in your dedicated space.
  • Think about the aesthetic and feel of your space.
  • Think about the number of windows and matching interior.
  • Ask for professional advice.

Final Words

Window treatments in Cypress TX are countless ranging from curtains, shades and panels. For sliding windows, you must consider the need for privacy and light to make sure your window treatment provides maximum utility. AMS Designer Floors & Interiors can provide professional advice on best window treatments for sliding windows that align with your style, budget and functional needs. Call us at (281) 780-9990 for queries and details.